About Us

The Little Vine was created in collaboration with The Social Edge Modern Day Training and Leadership Academy. The Social Edge was founded in 2014 by Lorraine Quirk with the vision and mission to train and educate teens and young adults through various programs, teaching Social Graces, Etiquette and various other teen and young adult development courses.

The Social Edge discovered a need to educate and equip moms, dads, child minders and anyone interested in Childhood Development with the skills, tools and resources needed to educate and empower your children. The Little Vine has developed various levels for these programs to accommodate Moms, Dads, Child Minders/Nannies and Teacher Assistants, by training and upskilling them to assist babies, toddlers, and preschoolers ensuring that the five areas of development is covered to ensure that they grow – explore – develop and discover to their full potential.

Our mission is to offer extraordinary training, guidance, and assistance by ensuring that our Nannies and Childminders help with the development our future generation.


Course Creator – ETDP/ SETA – Education, Training & Development –SETA – Moderator – Assessor - Facilitator – Trainer – Mentor

(Practice Qualification – ID – 50334)

I love teaching, creating, developing, mentoring, and facilitating. When I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to teach, preach, or mentor someday.

I am so happy that my dream came true. I have been exposed to many different industries and have diplomas and certifications in many areas of business, such as Financial, Business Management – Wits Technikon, Transformation, Coaching – International Coach – Ms. Gina De Vee. ...

Counselling – International School of biblical Counselling, Public Speaking, Communication – Dale Carnegie Int – Voice Clinic - SABC, Public Relations - PRISA, Business Etiquette-Etiquette & Communication -, Lady Gloria Starr – Ambassador of International Acclaim - Private Counsel to Royalty in the Middle and Far East - Advisor to Foreign Dignitaries and Diplomats.

Course Creation and Development Copy and Creative Writing, Web Design and Creation, Creating Pathways to setting up your business – International Female Entrepreneur Association – Carrie Green. International Accreditation – Teaching – School of Modern Montessori – SETA -MACTE Accreditation - EDTP SETA Accreditation in Moderator, Assessor, Facilitator, Mentor, School of Modern Montessori Childhood Education, SETA / Macte Accreditation – Montessori Directress.

Other: Aromatherapy, Reflexology – (International School of Aesthetics) (Own Blends and Brand – Aromatique) -Make-up artistry and application – (Debbie Jean – International Make-up Artist – Vogue International.

Businesses – Owned and Experience – Legal and Financial Recoveries – UniColl – Financial Waymaker Building Maintenance and Construction – Tradeshack – Cleaning – Eco Supreme – Education – The Social Edge Modern Day Finishing School and Training - The Social Edge Biz – Corporate Training Materials and Facilitation Academy – International - Transformation – The Mighty Women Transformation Academy - Fashion Design (Fashion Label) Gert Johan Coetzee.

After completing my Montessori Teachers Training as a Montessori Directress International SETA and MACTE Accreditation through the College of Modern Montessori during 2019 and completed hours 2021, I also became drawn to the Montessori Method of education and attained excellent training in Early Childhood (ages 3-6).

Etiquette – Image Consulting - Ambassadorial skills – Business Etiquette – Communications – Leadership – International Certification through Gloria Star School.

Lady Gloria Star is the Etiquette advisor for Disney, Destiny’s Child, Foreign Dignitaries, and Private Council to Members of the Royal Families in the Middle East and Corporate Executives worldwide. The United States Pentagon selected Ms. Star’s Modern Day Finishing School as a key component of their staff development program. Gloria Star is fondly known as Lady Star in diplomatic Circles.

Lorraine has many other Tertiary experience in other fields of expertise. Continually upskilling herself.

Ready to serve and give back to enhance and teach skills to advance a self-propelled economy starting at grassroots is her strength. I am now pursuing opportunities in Early Childhood Development and Training Tweens, Teens and Young Adults.

Things I love

I love to Create and decorate.
I love interior design and making my home beautiful.
I love gardening and potting.
I love to cook and enjoy gathering recipes.
I love to read.
I love to research new material and topics for courses.
I love to enrich the lives of Tween – Teens – Young Adults molding “Today’s Youth – Tomorrows Leaders”.

Ultimately, I just Love to CREATE great courses and teaching material and want to make a difference in the lives of our children and their future!



I am Tiffiny-Jane Schwartz, and I am currently appointed and employed at the Social Edge Modern Day Training Academy as the as the Senior Tertiary Business Development and Legal Consultant and Director which is also affiliated with The Social Edge Biz – Corporate Training and Business Development Center. ...

My commitment is to work towards a timely resolution through creating, encouraging, developing, and upskilling Nannies / Domestic Workers, by providing them with skills to apply themselves and to be competitive in the marketplace.

As a mother, I had the privilege of a trained Nanny who was great with my little one. However, my curiosity and interest in the wellbeing of my child was important to me as a parent and I trained my nanny not only in basic childcare but as well as milestone development and age-appropriate play. I saw that the wellbeing of a child goes over and beyond basic childcare and my interest was to upskill nannies and childminders with the knowledge and understanding of a child wholistically. As busy parents our children are taken care of by Nannies and Domestics who fulfill both roles in the household. Investing in their time at home is just as vital to their development as it would be in school.

I joined the Social Edge Modern Day Training Academy as the Tertiary and Legal Director and came across a few cases where Nannies were dismissed for not applying their training correctly with children due to lack of knowledge and understanding. My interest in the training section for Nannies was sparked and the Nifty Nannies Training Course was created and developed by the team, which consists of a Trained Montessori Directress, Course Creator, Moderator, Assessor, Facilitator, First Responder and Occupational Therapist and Mid Wife. SETA Accredited.

The extended course for Childminders was also created within the Framework of Teaching the Montessori way.

An Agency was established to list our Nannies and childminders to ensure that they get awarded the best jobs and that whoever employs them will have a well-balanced and educated Nanny and Childminder.


·Legal Consultant
·Legal Collections
·Debt Councilor
·Call Center Management
·Business Rescue Practitioner
·Transformation Coach
·The Framework of learning the Montessori Way – Tertiary Business Development


LLB (Wits)
Business Rescue Practitioner (Higher Diploma – UNISA)
Unilaw - Head of Legal Collections and Operational Director
Unicoll - Legal Consultant and Business Rescue and turnaround consultant
Financial Waymaker - Debt Counsellor
The Social Edge – Director Tertiary Business Development / Legal / Trainer and Facilitator


Admin, IT and Creative Course Designer

Hi I am Natasha

I have joined the Social Edge Training Academy as a Team Member assisting with all the creative material and course design.

I assist with all the Virtual and Social Media Material. ...

I believe in the Social Edge’s Mission and Vision and believe that making a difference in the lives of others is part of my soul, seeing and believing in inspiring growth in our communities.

Growing and supporting and being part of the contribution the Social Edge’s Team provides to grow individuals to become self sufficient and qualified through their accredited programs.

I have worked in various different companies and departments gaining a wealth of administration and IT knowledge.

My responsibilities I fulfilled were within Unilaw Pty Ltd a Legal and Financial organisation with the following responsibilities.


-Legal manager – of a corporate portfolio of 2000 legal files a month – corporate client
-Managed 8 people underneath her

-Drafting all legal processes
-Compliancy of all legal documents and processes in the department.
-Staying up to date with court rules and legal changes in the law.
-Liaising with corresponding attorneys.
-Liaising with Clerks of the court.
-Liaising with the Sheriff of courts.
-Dealing with legal disputes and clients
-Tracking and monitoring the logistical process from inception to completion on a national footprint.

Social Edge

Administrating all course material
Administering course date
IT and Marketing of all courses
Social Media administrator
All client queries

I have had experience in the Property Markets (Selling and Buying)
Fashion Industry – Promotions and Marketing
Direct Marketing and Sales

What I love

I love my 10 year old son who is in Grade 4 – and keeps me on my toes with todays challenges.

I am married to my husband who is very creative and enjoys art.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

But, most of all in my spare time I am on my PC designing and creating.

Life is precious and valuable!