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Today I want to discuss with how important movement is for children. Children should be allowed to move freely within their environment. There are far too many parents, who allow their toddlers and children to be glued to the TV and to their I Pad’s, playing games or having their screen time exceed the managed time. I am not saying that children should be banned from screen time or learning through their I-Pads, however it should be managed.

It is imperative that children move.

“It is high time that movement come to be regarded from a new point of view in education theory”. How often as parents we dread Parents Evening only to be told that Johnny cannot sit still, and you will be amazed how many different positions a child will find sitting on a chair just to create movement for themselves.

Maria Montessori discovered the importance of movement and saw the relationship between the brain, senses, and muscles. A visionary in educational philosophy, she thought it a great error to separate movement from intellectual development and she disagreed with the idea that movement was only for strengthening the cardiovascular system. “Until now, almost all educators have movement and the muscular system as aids to respiration, or circulation, or as a means for building up physical strength. Movement plays an especially important role in mental development itself, provided that the action which occurs relates to the mental activity going on. (“Montessori p 142) The Absorbent Mind.

So, get those little ones moving.